We have gym classes for all ages at Belfast Aquatics

At Belfast Aquatics, you have the opportunity to take part in a range of aquatics and gym classes that cater to a wide range of ages and fitness levels.

Class Guidelines:

  • Appropriate footwear and exercise attire must be worn at all times
  • A towel and a water bottle are required
  • Please inform the instructor if you are pregnant or suffer from any joint problems/injuries or medical conditions that could be aggravated by exercise

Aqua aerobics/water aerobics

Water based exercise class using moderate to high intensity movements, incorporating aquatic equipment including noodles and dumbbells. No swimming experience required. This is a great class for building strength, aiding in weight loss and increasing general fitness. 60min - Martina Murrihy & Lisa Williamson

Deep water running

A great all over workout. Working in deep water, 1.5m. Buoyancy belts provided. This class is impact free and guaranteed to improve core strength and endurance. 60min - Martina Murrihy & Lisa Williamson

Aqua Moves 4 Arthritis / Seniors Water Fun

An all over workout in chest deep water. No swimming skills required. Have fun learning a variety of aquatic exercise techniques in a sociable and enjoyable atmosphere. Suitable for mature adults and injury rehabilitation. 45min - Kathy Brodie

Weights and water

A class for all ages. 25 minutes in ASTRO studio/Gym where you will complete a variety of exercises and finishing up in the pool using flotation weights. No swimming ability required. 60min - Lisa Williamson

Body fit/boxing

A full body workout using gym equipment. This class works all the major muscle groups with the focus being on correct lifting techniques using light weights and a high number of repetitions. Suitable for all fitness levels. 60min - Lisa Williamson

Strength training

Weight training gym class, with an emphasis on the correct technique and form. Develop a strong body using dumbbells and gym equipment in addtion to your own bodys' resistance. 60min - Lisa Williamson

Fit ball

A fun and dynamic class. You are shown how to use the fitness ball as a means of strengthening the body, improving your posture and giving you enhanced energy and mobility. 60min - Julie Hall


Strength & conditioning class focusing on flexibility, balance & building better bodies. Classes include kettle bells, boxing & body weight exercises. 60min - David Gibb 

Astro cycle class / Astro MISFIT

Cycle = Indoor cycling, suitable for all fitness levels. The ride is controlled by you via a resistance dial. Develop strong legs and lower abdominal muscles in this dynamic cardio-vascular workout. 45 min - Lisa Williamson in Astro Studio

MISFIT = Combination of cardiovascular using indoor bikes and weight training. 45min - Lisa Williamson in Astro Studio

Body Fit 4 Kids

40 minutes class during school term. A fun and motivating class suitable for children 7 years and up. Designed to help build endurance and learn core stability. 45min - Lisa Williamson

(No class in school holidays.)

Spartan Kids

Is a mixed martial atrts program for kids 6 to 11 years. Classes include Brazilian Jui Jitsu. , Muay Thai, Yoga & meditation.  Self confidence, self control and fun is the focus of every spartan kid class. 45min - David Gibb 

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